5 must-have Clean & Natural skincare to get for Christmas

Many of us would trade all the mugs, pyjamas, clothes and other gifts received during the holidays for a care ritual that guarantees perfect skin. But how to choose the perfect routine for your friend? Here's our advice.


Jowaé Hydrating Water Mist in front of a pink background

1. Hydrating Water Mist

Made with 97% natural ingredients, this facial mist is ideal for gently hydrating your skin whenever it needs a pick-me-up, thanks to its light and soothing texture! 

Voted the best facial mist in 2019 by ELLE Canada & ELLE Québec, JOWAÉ’s Hydrating Water Mist was chosen for its: 
• intense hydration, providing as much moisture as a cream
• light texture, which leaves a fine subtle finish on the skin
• its sensory qualities, namely its divine fragrance and velvety texture

Key ingredient: Sakura Blossom Water. Recognized for its moisturizing properties in Asian pharmacopeia for thousands of years, this flower protects from external aggressors by strengthening your skin’s barrier.

Gel cleansing lifestyle

2. Purifying Cleansing Gel

Made with 89% natural ingredients, this Gel was specifically designed for combination and oily skin. It cleanses and removes excess sebum without ever drying out your skin. 
The Purifying Cleansing Gel is renowned for its:
• ability to regulate sebum production
• ease of use – just add a little water, cleanse and rinse!
• skin-soothing power

Key ingredient: Sacred Lotus. Jowaé uses this plant for its ability to purify while soothing and preventing oxidation, leaving your skin cleansed and mattified without drying it out or making it more fragile.

Eau micellaire jowaé micellar water

3. Micellar Cleansing Water

Made with 94% natural ingredients, Micellar Cleansing Water is perfect for all skin types and is effective both for cleansing impurities from your skin in the morning and removing make-up in the evening.

We love JOWAÉ Micellar Cleansing Water for its:
• versatile formula, which is perfect for all skin types—even sensitive skin
• soothing Imperial Peony
• effectiveness, a claim shared by everyone who uses it!

Key ingredient: Imperial Peony. This flower is mainly used to gently cleanse and remove make-up! In fact, the Peony is recognized for its soothing properties, mainly by preventing contact hypersensitivity. The precious flower’s secret is Paeoniflorin, known for its powerful soothing properties. Imperial Peony is also anti-bacterial and an emollient.

Jowae nourishing hand and nail cream applied on one hand

4. Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream

With 96% natural ingredients, this Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream is a product you absolutely can’t do without this winter. Cracked and chapped hands are the result of skin that is poorly hydrated, nourished and protected. By applying the Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream every time you leave the house and at night before bed, you’ll be giving your hands all the tender loving care they need! 

The Hand and Nail Nourishing is a favourite thanks to:
• its absolutely divine fragrance
• super-fast absorption (you can use your cell phone just seconds after applying—no problem!)
• affordable price (which is even more affordable on Black Friday!) 

Key ingredient: Camellia Oil. Rich in fatty acids and Omega-9, this oil provides the body with essential nutrients. It’s easy to see why this product is known for its nourishing properties! Among other things, it helps rebuild and strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film, providing it with the protection it needs.

moisturizing light cream

5. Moisturizing Light Cream

With an impressive 88% natural ingredients, this light gel-cream provides optimal hydration for your skin. 
Moisturizing Light Cream is a skincare must-have because of its:
• incredibly light AND super hydrating texture
• ease of use
• ability to instantly refresh your skin, leaving it looking radiant 

Key ingredients: the incredible ingredients used in this cream include Sakura Blossom Water, Vegetable Glycerin and Pine Extract, which locks in moisture. And, as an added bonus, JOWAÉ’s Moisturizing Light cream also contains Antioxidants and Vitamin E!

Happy Shopping!