6 Features of the Franco-Korean Jowaé Skincare Routine

We explain to you what Jowaé, a brand of skincare for Franco-Korean skin, has taken from the Korean ritual, and what it has added to it.

Korean woman dressed in a white dress looking at a pink flower in a tree

K-beauty is the wide-know term of the traditional Korean skincare and make-up rituals. Known worldwide, it consists of applying about ten skincare products, morning and evening. The aim is to have the most radiant and healthy skin as you can. We explain to you what Jowaé, a brand of skincare for Franco-Korean skin, has taken from the Korean ritual, and what it has added to it.

1. A Franco-Korean skin ritual

First feature: Jowaé is born from the know-how of two countries, that had developed the cult of skincare through their history. France, a pure player of expertise, elegance, and efficiency - and South Korea, the symbol of naturalness, sensoriality, and tradition.

We have seen the rise of Korean cosmetic brands since 2015, their influence developed a mainstream trend as of today. South Korea is 10 to 15 years ahead of Western countries in terms of cosmetic technology. Through its creativity and innovative dynamism, South Korea inspires the global dermo-cosmetics market. The ancestral know-how of Asian pharmacopeia combined with cutting-edge technologies makes it possible to offer women a perfect skin ideal. More than a beauty standard, having beautiful skin is a mark of respect in Korea.

Moreover, a Business France survey reveals that only 9% of Korean women wear make-up: proof that beauty resides for her in beautiful skin.

Korean cosmetics are also known for their complex skincare rituals that include many steps as well as gestures dedicated to each product.

This is why Jowaé Laboratories have been relying on the expertise of Professor Ki Hyun Kim, a researcher in plant chemistry specializing in Asian medicinal and traditional plants (graduate in Pharmacy and Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University and Harvard University). 

Professor Ki Hyun Kim and his team discovered the antioxidant power of Lumiphenols, a patented natural antioxidant active ingredient. They combine them with extracts of Korean medicinal and traditional plants.

2. A more condensed skin ritual

That is to say, 12 steps of care versus 4. Read also 10 minutes against 40 minutes of care! 

Indeed, the 12-step ritual is very good for the skin, but also very long to perform. It takes time for each product to penetrate, leave-in and be removed, to pass on the next step, each morning and evening! If you already have difficulty doing everything you have to do in the morning and evening (you know, that famous choice: " well this morning, no time to eat "), your skin ritual can't exceed the 10 minutes!

Jowaé skincare Skip-care condenses the 12-step ritual with a more concentrated solution and multifunctional skincare products that combine three actions in a single product, in a more environmentally friendly way. In short, this reflects the desire to consume less and better. 

3. The naturality of skincare

Skip-care is also about consuming products with a clear list of ingredients - containing as many natural ingredients as possible.

Contemporary Korean beauty products may be effective, but some of them are far from natural! At Jowaé, on average 93% of the ingredients are of natural origin. The Franco-Korean brand enhances each natural ingredient used in every single product, for you to understand the composition of each of the treatments. Proof of this is that you can find all this information online.  You will discover that while 93% of the treatments are natural, the remaining 7% are dedicated to texturizers and fragrances for the sensory, as well as protective agents of formulas for a stable product, free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicone, and animal-origin ingredients.

4. For all skin types, even sensitive ones

Laboratoires Jowaé has understood that in our society, each skin can be called sensitive, simply because it is sensitized by the daily aggressions of our skin.
To this end, Jowaé has chosen ingredients, formulas and textures that respect sensitive skin: for example, experts have created allergen-free perfumes. Also, all formulas were clinically tested under dermatological control, with instrumental tests and self-assessment by the voluntary testers!

5. Clean & Natural skincare for the environment

Clean & Natural is Jowaé's international motto. With its eco-friendly packaging, Jowaé reduces its environmental impact by focusing on green energy and recyclable packaging. Goodbye instruction leaflets, they are written directly inside the packaging with an eco-responsible printing process.

6. Accessible skincare products for the skin

Taking care of your skin without making any compromises with your wallet is still better! Jowaé understood this well by offering complete skincare rituals with high-quality natural products, at a fair price. Start your 4-step ritual today. Enter the diagnostic and get your personalized routine for only $100.