A beautiful skin for Christmas

And if for once, your true holiday wish come true?

Jowaé Hydrating Water Mist wrapped on a Christmas gift

Many of us would trade all the mugs, pyjamas, clothes and other gifts received during the holidays for a care ritual that guarantees perfect skin. But how to choose for your friend? Or how to explain your ideal routine to him/her? We give you some advice!

Tip #1 let's look at your actual ritual

Before starting a new routine, it is essential to analyze the current one and find the wrong guys - the treatments that compromise your skin's beauty.
How to find out? 

There are several tricks. First, the product may have been open for a little too long... Be careful to respect the expiry dates to be sure that your skin tolerates the ingredients - and that they remain just as effective! 

Then, all the skincare products that are not suitable for sensitive skin are to be disposed of. In today's society, we can say that all skin types are sensitive and deserve maximum respect and comfort. And yes! The daily aggressions have weakened your skin so much that you need gentle and effective care. 

Time to read the list of ingredients. Do you see that there is paraben, phenoxyethanol or silicone? Not sure they're taking care of your skin...
Do you suspect your current products to contain ingredients of animal origin? Your convictions may tell you to stop using this kind of product! 

Finally, we analyze the results on our skin: isn't this cleanser a little too strong for my skin? Does this moisturizer work all day long?
Is it a gift for a friend? This is the best excuse to search your bathroom in complete peace of mind: invite yourself to her house and ask her out for a drink. You can go to "powder your nose" and take the time to observe her skincare methodically!

Tip #2 we identify our skin type and needs

Once the evaluation is done, it is time to go back to the basics.
What is your skin type? And what are your needs? First, you have to read this blog post.  If it’s a gift, send him/her this article, and ask him for his opinion and skin type! It’ll allow you to identify the different type of skin: 

  • Dry skin feels tight and needs to be nourished every day
  • Normal skin requires daily hydration and protection
  • Combination skin needs both to be purified on shiny areas and moisturized on drier areas.
  • Oily skin needs to be mattified and purified every day to regulate sebum production. 

Then choose your main skin need: hydration, imperfections, wrinkles or redness? The choice is yours, and there is a solution to each of these needs!

Tip #3: take advantage of the available discounts

Do you want to offer perfect skin? Why pay the full price when you can get discounts? 

On Jowaé.ca, subscribe to the newsletter and get an immediate discount! 

Or you can also get a discount on the total price of your ritual, in addition to free delivery, by searching for your ideal ritual using the 4-Step Ritual diagnostic tool.

Tip #4: select the perfect skincare

First simple and effective solution: you trust the 4-Step Ritual diagnostic tool, which uses information about your skin type and needs to suggest the ideal ritual in 4 steps.
Another solution: you identify your main need and then you identify the traditional Korean plant that corresponds to it.

For example... Hydration is Sakura Flower Water. The anti-ageing is Red Ginseng! 

We also don't forget the complimentary treatments: balms, body care, masks... it's the little details that make all the difference.

Tip #5: we make a beautiful wrapping!

Once the skincare has been delivered to your home, take the opportunity to pack it in the cutest way possible! It will be the perfect reflection of the exceptional gift you offer! 

Preferably choose recyclable packaging, and decorate your packages with small branches of trees or dried orange slices. 

Don't forget to include a small card to wish a very Merry Christmas, and to explain the 4 essential steps of this skin ritual!