Best Feel Good Self-care Activities to do at Home

Bored in the house? It's the perfect opportunity to spend time taking care of yourself and your skin.

What if we took advantage of this confinement to work on our well-being?So that when we'll finally be able to leave our house, our skin will be glowing with radiance and health! We have plenty of time to prepare our skin rituals, and we should take advantage of it. Here are some self-care activities ideas for you to do for those long days of working from home!

Everyday activity: Selfcare 101

It's in these moments that we realize that taking care of ourselves is exceptionally pleasurable. Taking care of your skin, waxing, workout, cooking, read a book, taking the time to relax in your bathtub: all this is for us, and us only. For once in a while, being egoistic is a good way of overcoming anxiety and stress.

Everyday activity: A complete skin ritual

No more excuses, we now have time to take care of our skin. Every morning, to properly start the day and clear our mind from anxiety and bad thoughts, give time to complete a morning skin ritual. 

Even if you've been home for days now, skin cleansing with the appropriate cleanser, it's still the first step from a proper routine: Cleansing Milk for dry and normal skin, purifying gel for combination or oily skin, or Micellar Water for all skin types! 

Moving on to treatments adapted to your skin: an anti-spot treatment, a moisturizing serum, an anti-wrinkle cream, or a mattifying fluid... it's up to you.

In the evening, we repeat our morning routine: we cleanse to remove the impurities accumulated on our skin. Then we moisturize and correct... It's that simple!

Lait hydratant revitalisant

Everyday activity: Moisturizing baths

You weren't going to forget about your body, were you?

We moisturize, nourish and cream the legs, bust and arms every night before going to sleep! Don't forget that our skin wants to be ready for summer, that will still be there once you'll finally be able to go outside.

Because we have plenty of time, we take time to apply the cream: we make circular movements, and we can even take advantage of it to do a relaxing or draining massage.

You can also take advantage of this time to moisturize your hands, which have been mistreated by frequent washing!

Everyday activity: try new things

Yes! This is the perfect opportunity to take care of making all the 2020 resolutions come true, starting in April 2020!
Nothing stands in your way anymore: meditate, learn a new language, get back into sports, or spend time with your family... It's just the perfect moment.

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Twice a week: Put on a face mask

No more excuses for not using a face mask: choose the mask you need, apply it thickly to the skin and respect the application time. 

Whether it's after finishing work or as a short break, or even during your children's nap... There are plenty of 10 minutes in the day that you can take for yourself!

Every night: Sleep properly

Some people are anxious about the situation, others try to take it philosophically... But in any case, a good night's sleep makes it easier to live with the situation.
Take advantage of the time in front of you to go to bed early, after reading a little book.

Everyday activity: Give a call to your loved ones

Whether you are alone or with your family, it is important to keep in touch with your loved ones: colleagues, friends, family, it is in these moments that we need to be present for each other.
Whether it's FaceTime calls or virtual drinks, every opportunity is good to connect with others!

This is it! You have all the keys in hand to take care of yourself and your skin during this period of confinement. In the meantime, stay home, follow government guidelines and be careful. Remember... you're gonna be fine. The sooner we stay home, the sooner we can get out!