Bright and radiant skin: a beauty secret!

A beautiful skin reflects light at its best. It’s radiant and perfectly balanced!

A beautiful skin reflects light at its best. It’s radiant and perfectly balanced! Obviously, that’s the type of skin we all dream of. But is it really possible to have it? Let’s find out!

1. The origins of the skin's luminosity

First of all, luminosity is not a question of quantity of light, but of quality of light when it enters the epidermis.

The skin is composed of chromophores of 3 different colours:
  • Blue chromophores, mainly composed of collagen.
  • Red chromophores, composed of blood vessels.
  • Yellow chromophores, i. e. melanin (pigments that tan the skin).

These 3 colours are fundamentals for skin brightness.

To better understand it, take the following example: in the theatre, when the main actors are put under the spotlights of white light, the light is actually... not white.

The technicians use 3 light beams: red, yellow and blue. They have them converted to the exact same point and this point is perfectly white!
This is actually how you get the most beautiful white.

About skin and light: it enters the skin and crosses the path of chromophores. If their dosage isn’t right, the light that comes out of your skin will be duller, less uniform. The skin will be too red, too yellow or too grey for example!

2. The loss of luminosity: explanations

Do you know what the difference between a baby's skin and an elderly person's is? Beyond wrinkles and pigment spots, the real thing is the luminosity of the skin. Babies' skins will be radiant and perfectly uniform.  An elderly person's skin will be yellower, duller and with some redness. 

This is because blood vessels are disrupted, collagen production is less strong and melanin is too much present - due to poor sun protection throughout life or inadequate hydration! 


Constant redness and untimely redness are also devastating to the skin's luminosity. The red chromophores take up too much space and the balance is broken!

3. The difference between brightness and radiance

These two things are really different.
A loss of radiance is often related to skin fatigue, great stress or another significant event that will negatively affect the skin - but temporarily.

It's a condition that can happen at any age! Instead, the loss of brightness is considered a sign of age.

To get radiance, it's quite easy and fast. With appropriate skincare products, which are rich in vitamins such as the Clarifying Mineral Mask, for example, you quickly restore radiance.

You simply have to exfoliate the skin, clean it every day and nourish it to have a clean and thin epidermis, which lets in and out light easily!

4. How to maintain brightness? 

Brightness is to be maintained daily, over the long term. To do it right, you have to adopt a complete skin ritual, and stick to it!
Take an example from Korean women: by performing a skin ritual from an early age, their skin remains beautiful and radiant.

To do this, here are the 3 simple rules to follow right now: 

  1. I will take care of my skin with effective anti-ageing treatments that moisturize and detoxify it.
  2. I will apply sunscreen daily.
  3. I will correct my skin problems as soon as possible to prevent redness, for example.

5. What skincare products should I use?

Antioxidant skincare: Preventing and preventing skin oxidation is fundamental for cells to function correctly. If they work to their maximum capacity, the skin will be well hydrated, collagen will be properly created and blood circulation will be excellent. The pigmentation will be better distributed!
Lumiphenol Antioxidant products from the French-Korean brand Jowaé are perfect for this purpose.

Read also: oxidative stress and premature ageing.

Hydrating Skincare

We keep saying it over and over again: hydration is the key to beautiful skin. If the skin is moisturized and protected, it is less likely to get red or upset. It is, therefore, necessary to moisturize it every day!

Anti-ageing skincare

The ingredients contained in anti-ageing products, such as Red Ginseng, are essential to strengthen the skin's natural barriers, to help it preserve its radiance for as long as possible!

To conclude: radiance only takes a decision. Brightness demands a little bit of work!  


After a busy, stressful time at work, a pollution peak, that time of the month or a big night out, it’s time to press the reset button! Apply the Purifying clay mask to the nose, forehead, and chin. Leave on for 3 minutes, then apply the Clarifying mineral mask to the cheeks and neck. Massage the latter over the skin for 1 minute. Leave both masks on for a further minute then rinse off, to reveal fresh, clear skin.



Ideal during the week to give your skin a fresh start, this ritual is as quick as it is effective! Generously apply the Replumping water mask to the cheeks and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes. Then apply the Purifying clay mask to the T-zone, for head, nose and chin. Leave on for a further five minutes, then rinse well.



Essentiel quand on se réveille d’une nuit courte avec une petite mine ou avant une soirée qui compte, il réveille l’éclat en un clin d’oeil. Appliquez généreusement le Masque d’eau repulpant sur les joues et le cou. Patientez 8 minutes. Appliquez une couche fine du Masque minéral clarifiant sur la zone T, front, nez et menton. Massez 1 minute, laissez poser quelques secondes et rincez.



Once a week, this is the ideal routine to recharge your skin’s batteries, so it looks purer, fresher and wonderfully moisturized. Begin with the SOS Detox ritual, combining the Purifying clay mask on the T-zone and chin with the Clarifying mineral mask on the cheeks. Rinse well, then apply the Replumping water mask. Let the skin soak it up, then pat in any remaining product.