Choosing the best natural skincare product for dry skin

Dry skin can be tight, easily irritated, and sensitive. So, what’s the best way to take care of it? Read on, and discover the best approach to caring for your dry skin.

Choosing the best natural skincare product for dry skin

Lack of sebum = dry skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? There’s an easy explanation for it—insufficient sebum production.
Sebum is an oily film that your sebaceous glands produce to protect your skin from exterior aggressors like the cold, pollution, etc. It also helps your skin retain moisture. 
If your skin is dry or very dry, it’s likely because your sebaceous glands are not active enough. That means you have to make up for the lack of sebum using products that provide your skin with the hydration and nutrition it needs.

Dry skin = sensitive and reactive skin
Lack of sebum leaves your skin unprotected, making it more sensitive and reactive—as such, it can easily get red and feel tight and is also more sensitive to make-up or certain skincare products. Basically, it’s an everyday problem that can be quite annoying.

asiatic natural ingredients for dry skin

The best natural ingredients for dry skin

Because dry skin is sensitive, natural products that respect your skin’s needs are always the best option.

A whole range of wonderful ingredients that can be used to care for your skin can be found in nature. Here are just a few:

When it comes to providing intense hydration, Sakura Blossom Water is truly a miracle ingredient. Recognized for thousands of years in Korean beauty rituals for its moisturizing properties, the Sakura Flower has the power to penetrate deep into the skin and gently provide it with the daily dose of hydration it needs.

This flower is mainly used to gently cleanse the skin and remove make-up! The Peony is recognized for its soothing properties, mostly because it prevents contact hypersensitivity. This precious flower’s secret is the soothing Paeoniflorin molecule. As an added bonus, it is anti-bacterial as well as an emollient.

Found in every Jowaé skincare product, in combination with other ingredients, Antioxidant Lumiphenols are a Jowaé patented discovery!
Antioxidant Lumiphenols protect, detoxify, and repair your skin while also making it look beautifully radiant! Quite simply, it’s a magic ingredient that keeps your skin looking beautiful while also rebalancing the skin’s barrier to reduce sensitivity. 

The best textures for dry skin

Because dry skin lacks hydration and nutrition, it’s best to use skincare products that provide intense hydration and nutrition. Creams, balms, and masks are ideal and should be used daily, both in the morning and at night, to keep your skin feeling as comfortable as possible.

The best Jowaé products for dry skin

Soothing Cleansing Milk
This particular step is a critical part of your morning and evening routine. Those who have dry skin sometimes refrain from washing their face out of fear it will dry out. However, if you use the right skin care product, there’s no need to worry. Using a product with a richer texture, such as Jowaé’s Soothing Cleansing Milk, is a great option. In addition to removing make-up and impurities, this cleansing milk contains vegetable glycerin to boost hydration and jojoba oil to provide your skin with much-needed comfort!

Hydrating Water Mist
Dry skin needs as much hydration as possible. That’s why the Hydrating Water Mist is so perfect. It gently hydrates the skin with its fresh, light texture and prepares it for the next steps in your skincare routine.

Moisturizing Creams
Trust Jowaé’s moisturizing creams with Sakura Blossom Water to care for your dry skin. Opt for the Tinted Moisturizing Cream in Light or Medium for a healthy glow, or the Moisturizing Light Cream, for its melting gel-cream texture!

Replumping Water Mask
Once a week, you can also use the Replumping Water Mask—for ultra-radiant skin in just 5 minutes!

P.S.: Keep in mind that drinking water is key to hydration! Remember that your body requires as much water in the winter as it does in the summer—even if you don’t feel the need to drink.

If herbal tea is more your preference, there’s no better excuse to enjoy a nice, hot cup! Cheers to hydrated skin!