Daily aggressions on skin: myths and realities

The number one enemies of your skin: daily aggressions. But in fact... what are they?

"In our urban lifestyle, the skin struggles to maintain its balance. It is duller, suffers from skin conditions such as redness, imperfections or overproduction of sebum..." That's what we tell you every day. But in reality, what are these so-called daily aggressions? how should we overcome them? Let's dive in, together!

Talking about - aggressions - is a little strong, isn't it?

If there is one thing we can surely say, it's that it is exactly the right term to describe them! Think your skin as a shield, which fights for you every day. Its role is to overcome all external factors that can harm your body. A poorly protected and poorly hydrated skin cannot fulfill its role as a skin barrier at its best. Unhealthy skin, lets pollution get through our epidermis more easily, is much more sensitive to stress, and you will notice it with a dull complexion. That's why it's important to take care of it. (✿◠‿◠)

A declination of pollution

Industrial, automotive, indoor... unfortunately, all these types of pollution make up our urban environment! The proof: many metropolitan areas regularly experience pollution levels well above the WHO recommended threshold, making pollution the greatest environmental health risk. (◕︵◕)

We know that pollution particles can be 20 times smaller than the pores of the skin. This is how the accumulation of pollution attacks and asphyxiates the skin. They generate significant oxidative stress, which disrupts skin cells, and contributes to aging.

The result: quite significant physiological disorders. The complexion is blurred and irregular, premature aging accelerates and pigment spots appear.

Even crazier? some specialists indicate that the indoor environment is 5 to 10 times more polluted than the outdoor environment.

Light in all its forms

UVA and UVB solar rays, infrared, visible light, blue light... all kinds of lights in our world, are our skins' enemy, basically. These light sources contain free radicals that attack our cellular components such as lipids, proteins, and DNA. This slows down cell renewal, reduces the antioxidant content of the skin and depletes the cells of oxygen... Consequence: the vital functions of tissues and cells are affected.

Hint: Use a hat, or a cap, or any protective shield that hides your skin from direct light rays.

Seasonal changes

You probably felt your skin is out of control as soon as the temperature changes? That's normal. Every difference in temperature and atmosphere has as much impact on your skin as it does on your mood! They alter the barrier function of the epidermis, thus causing premature aging of the cells. This information makes even more sense when you think about the Canadian weather!


Not to make you feel guilty, but our lifestyles and consumption habits do have an impact on our skin: poor nutrition, cigarettes' smoke and fatigue amplify environmental damage. The skin is unbalanced, loses its radiance and skin imperfections such as spots or accelerated skin aging appear earlier. Stress is also one of the most harmful things about the skin: the body produces hormones that cause acne flare-ups or the appearance of wrinkles. The blood circulation worsens, the skin receives less well the nutrients essential to its radiance!

Excessively aggressive skincare products

Not all skincare products are designed with the respect of your skin as a priority. Sometimes, they can be too aggressive to damage the skin's barrier function instead of strengthening it! If your objective is to purify your skin, not strip it down of its properties, you should double-check on some products. It is essential to choose gentle, natural skin care products that respect all skin types.

Don't despair! as long as there's life, there's hope! Nothing is lost, yet. It's never too late to be aware of the importance of specific skincare rituals! Indeed, they will help your skin to rebalance itself on a daily basis. Skincare products strengthen your skin's barrier function and fulfill its needs: moisturizing, mattifying, anti-wrinkle, anti-spots... You only need to know the ideal ritual made for you.

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