Did you know that sweating benefits the skin?

Not very sexy, we know. Yet, I give you six reasons to start preaching your sweat.

Oh, am I crazy to talk about sweat, aka THE least sexy topic, on a blog about skincare? Yes, a little, but you'll soon discover where I'm going with this. The goal of this article: to understand this misunderstood SWEAT, to appreciate everything it does for us, and to stop once and for all complexing for a phenomenon as natural as that!

1. Detoxify the skin

We forget it sometimes, but the skin is the largest organ of our body. As such, it has a very specific purpose: to help the body eliminate toxins!
A little reminder to understand: toxins are all the toxic substances produced by our body, within the cells or the dermis... For example, there is nitrogenous waste, lactic acid or even dead cells. But there are also external toxins, which are found in the tissues, such as pollution, drugs or pesticides!

Sweating while exercising helps to eliminate unnatural toxins, which are more difficult to eliminate than natural toxins. These toxins are more likely to come out by making an effort to trigger perspiration.

2. Unclog the pores

Saunas, hammams and many other solutions to make us sweat have not been invented for nothing: since the dawn of time, we have noticed that sweating allows pores to be unclogged from the inside! Goodbye impurities, dead cells, bacteria... Hello smooth, fresh and clean skin!

3. Activate the blood microcirculation

At the same time as the body sweats, another phenomenon occurs: blood microcirculation is improved.
As a result, the skin is better supplied with nutrients. It is therefore more supple, more moisturized and fresher! The healthy-glow effect is GUARANTEED ( okay, once your skin isn’t red anymore!). 

4. Be in better shape

First, because energy creates energy. You feel invigorated, ready to climb mountains! Second, because fatigue is often linked to the acid-base imbalance in favour of acidity. Sweating effectively deacidifies the body. Not to mention that sport stimulates the production of endorphins and dopamine, the "happiness" hormones. No wonder you get that feeling of energy after sport! 

5. Sweat cools us down

This is the primary purpose of the sweating mechanism. Without it, the body temperature would only increase! In reality, perspiration acts as a defense mechanism against excessive heat, which is harmful to the body. The hypothalamus, when it detects that the heat of the blood is too high, commands the sweat glands to secrete sweat. Without this natural air conditioning, the body temperature would keep rising! 

6. Sweating is good, cleansing is better

Once the sweating is over, run to cleanse your skin! You don't want your pores to remain clogged by your perspiration. You cleanse the skin with a mild soap, and the skin of the face with a suitable cleanser! The objective is to accompany the skin's detoxification mechanism, helping it to remove all traces of toxins. 

Did you know?

Some people sweat more than others... poor ones, you say? Of course not. Lucky ones! Because they benefit from all the advantages presented above. What's more, it means that these people have a better tolerance to heat, and their sporting performance improves!

Don’t forget:

Sweating makes you consume the water in your body. You must therefore give it back this amount of water lost by drinking abundantly after the effort! The risk otherwise is to be dehydrated, and that's the terror of your body and your skin!

Good sweating techniques:
Go to the spa! Start with a good sauna, then a cold water bath, then relaxation - and repeat it as many times as you like.
Move every day to stimulate your perspiration. Go to work or a restaurant by bike or on foot, for example!
Play sports, whatever you like. The goal: to activate the body effectively to trigger perspiration.

To conclude, if you were told that a treatment that was able to detoxify, defativate and make the skin glow, was available for $0, you would run to buy it, right ? So... SWEAT!