Escape your mind during the quarantine

Do you feel like you're trapped inside four walls? Use your imagination to escape!

It's often said that boredom is good for children: it allows them to be creative, to dive into their imagination, to stimulate their creativity...
Here's a scoop: we adults aren't so different from children, but we don't normally allow ourselves to get bored. 

The good news is that we clearly don't live a "normal time": many people are unfortunately unemployed, others are alone at home, or working from home... We have more time to kill and we're tired of listening to Netflix!
So why not dive into your imagination? We'll tell you how!


Take your most beautiful pencils and coloured markers (or your children's), and let them venture out onto the paper. If you're not making masterpieces, playing with curves and colours is always relaxing and calls for your creativity.
Whether it's for 10 minutes or 1 hour, drawing will certainly change your daily life! And you might even notice an improvement in your drawings at the very end of this confinement.
Otherwise, you can also colour in mandalas or other drawings that you can find online... Enjoy!

Not really a fan of abstract things? Then draw your program of the week!


Writing is one of the most powerful ways to free ourselves from all our thoughts and to work our imagination.
All you need is a notebook and a pen, or even better, just a computer!
The question is always the same: what to write? Start by writing down your thoughts... You could also write your autobiography, telling all your memories... Otherwise, try writing a short fictional story, to plunge into every corner of your imagination!


Guided meditation is when someone accompanies us in our meditation and directs our imagination to dive into the heart of our unconscious.
You close your eyes, listen to the story and let your imagination wander the labyrinth of your mind.
Some people imagine visually: they see things happening. To others, it's only auditory... To others, it's only sensations.
In the same way, the guide only gives you an outline of what you are doing in your unconscious mind. For example, he will tell you to imagine a house: whether it is big or small, made of wood or brick, it belongs only to you, but it will definitely have a meaning!

You could also do the Cube Personality Test, another kind of guided meditation... that reveals many things about yourself!


Another thing we rediscover during this lockdown is games. Whether with our children, with our friends - virtually - or even alone, playing has many virtues.
First of all, we focus on something that does not concern our daily lives. We let ourselves go fully into the game, and it feels really good!

Whether you play board games or games that appeal entirely to your imagination, such as Cadavre Exquis, your mind will surely forget that you are still at home, in the same place for more than 15 days.


And by reading, we're not talking about the 15 articles a day that report on current events at home, in the country, in the world?
No, we're talking about reading a good novel or a self-help book, a biography or a comic book, whatever!
Reading transports your mind to another world, the one the author takes you to. Even a little reading every day stimulates your creativity and imagination!


Are your eyes tired of the laptops, televisions, cell phones you see all day long? Are you tired of reading?
Then listen!
That's the advantage of podcasts: whether you're sitting on your couch or walking around, you just need to listen.
Plus, the podcast choices are endless! You like politics, personal development or science? There's something for everyone!


To clear your head and think only about your well-being, nothing is better than taking care of yourself ...
Start the day with a shower and some music, continue with a complete skin ritual, then put on make-up, get dressed, and that feeling of finding yourself beautiful and radiant will last all day long!

You see, escaping is not so complicated when you use creativity and imagination. Do you have any other suggestions? Share them with us on our social media - Instagram or Facebook!