Exercise and the benefits for the skin

Exercise has many virtues. Is it the same for the skin? The answer is definitely YES!

Everyone has a good reason to exercise: you want to move, to let off steam, to reach a healthy weight, or simply to have fun. All these are excellent reasons and keep us motivated, every day! But a new goal is now added to your list: taking care of your skin. Because the least we can say is that sport has many benefits for the skin. Let's learn about them and also learn how to avoid the undesired effects and how to overcome them.

Exercise is good for your skin because

1. It stimulates blood circulation

No matter whether you do yoga or Crossfit, the rhythm of your heart and blood circulation accelerates at a rapid pace during a workout. Remember that blood circulation is fundamental for the cells: it is thanks to it that toxins are eliminated from the cells, that the blood provides the necessary nutrients and that the whole system is stimulated and energized.

2. Boosts Cell oxygenation

As blood circulation cleans the cells, it provides them with the oxygen and nutrients they need to live well. What exactly does oxygen do for the skin? It helps to fight cell oxidation, otherwise known as “oxidative stress”. When cells are well oxygenated, they are healthy and create fewer free radicals. Result: the skin ages less quickly, the regeneration mechanism is in top shape! (as much as you do).

4. The release of bad toxins

What is a toxin, exactly? They are all the toxic substances produced by our body, within the cells or the dermis. For example, there is nitrogenous waste, lactic acid or dead cells.
But there are also external toxins, which are found in the tissues, such as pollution, drugs or pesticides.

The sweat makes all this move and brings out the toxins!

5. Eliminates stress, daily aggression of the skin 

There’s the physical aspect of the sport, and then there’s the psychological aspect. What better way to release all tension and recharge your batteries than exercising!

Without stress, you say goodbye to a too high cortisol level, which triggers many inflammations on your skin...

You also say goodbye to oxidative stress, caused in part by stress. Your stem cells are doing well, and your skin shows it!

6. Makes you sleep better

Who doesn’t like a regenerating dose of sleep after your gym-day? The body relaxes. Real physical fatigue makes you sleep like a baby, and gives your body and skin the opportunity to recharge.
The result when you wake up is worthy of a fairy tale: your skin is fresher, more luminous and plumped up!

Now let's see how to overcome the side effects

There aren’t negative consequences of sport on the skin, within the limits of the reasonableness of course! On the other hand, there are good practices to adopt to allow your skin to perform at its full potential. 

Doing exercise without removing make-up 

The worst thing for your skin is when it’s trying to eliminate toxins and not be able to do so because of too much make-up and cream obstructing your pores.

Dehydration of the skin

The risk is also to lose too much water present and to unbalance the hydrolipidic film. After sport and after a good shower, it is therefore essential to deeply moisturize your face and body skin.

Diffuse redness

Another potential sports-related problem is that it causes you to get intense flushes during exercise. Nothing to worry about, it’s perfectly normal for our skin to flare-up during the effort! On the other hand, you should come and soothe it as quickly as possible, by putting cold and moisturizing it to make it feel safe.

Waiting too long before showering

if you have been sweating, shower as soon as possible to remove excess sweat and cleanse your pores. Choose a gentle soap that respects your skin!

Last safety tips

Do you do exercise, winter and outdoor sports, or any other sport that damages your hands? Apply Nourishing Hand and Nail Nourishing Cream every day! 

Do you have stubborn pores? Take advantage of the end of your sports session to apply the Purifying Clay Mask!

There you go, you know all the reasons why the sport is good for the skin! So don’t hesitate any longer, put on your prettiest sports outfit and get moving! Whether it’s pilates at home or a 10km run... 

Do whatever suits you.