How to get rid of dark spots?

Things to do to prevent the number 1 enemy of your skin's harmony.

Asian woman wearing makeup with a hat on her head to protect herself from the sun

Regardless of age, colour or skin type, pigmented spots, sadly called " age spots ", may appear on your skin one day. No need to worry! Understand what these brown spots are (it's always better to get to know each other before judging, isn't it?) and discover simple, effective and above all-natural solutions to prevent them!

What are dark spots exactly?

You probably noticed that these spots appear most often on the face, neckline and hands... Well, that's normal! They're the most exposed body areas to the sun rays.

Each time we are exposed to the sun, our body produces melanin. This pigment is created by cells in our skin, in response to each exposure to the sun! It is primarily used to protect the skin... and gives you your tan! 

Dark spots are the reflection of a melanin production disruption.
Over time, the skin produces too much melanin: it migrates to the surface of the skin, forming dark spots! All this because of extensive and unprotected exposure to UV rays.

Who is most affected by dark spots?

Some may link the appearance of dark spots with ageing. Why? Because in the years, the accumulation of melanin leads to dark spots.

Dark spots appear on average from 40 years of age but can occur earlier in case of abusive and unprotected exposure. As for the skin type, let's not lie to each other: the fairest skins are the most prone to this pigmentation problem.

Finally, we can thank genetics: if you noticed your parents having dark spots, they will probably appear on your skin in the future. 

Thanks, Dad, thanks, Mom!

Consult with a dermatologist, now.

Do you think you have dark spots? A visit to your dermatologist is mandatory to avoid self-diagnosis! You're probably right to think it's a simple harmless pigment spot, but the doctor must confirm it's benign and help prevent it from becoming a mole or melanoma.

Pregnancy mask or dark spot?

A small break to talk about the - so-called - pregnancy mask (common name for melasma). These marks may appear in different parts of the face of pregnant women. Provoked by the sun, these spots are reinforced by the hormones produced during pregnancy. However, they usually disappear after childbirth!

Daily gestures to prevent the formation of dark spots

Our favourite duo HYDRATE & PROTECT!

Hydration is the key to preserving the skin's youthfulness.

Why is that?

Because it keeps healthy your skin barrier. Well-hydrated, the skin is better protected from daily aggressions. Its natural defences are stronger, and cellular damage appears later. Morning and evening, apply a skin moisturizer to the face, neck, neckline and shoulders!

Protection is the door to prevent skin's diseases.

It is necessary to protect your skin daily from the sun's rays, to regulate and reduce melanin production. This is why should apply sunscreen (30SPFs or more) every day before going out. 

Every exposure counts! 

So next time you'll think: It's okay, I'm just going to work. STOP and think: 4-step ritual, sunscreen, work, sleep.

Medical solutions for dark spots

Dermatologists and beauty clinics will be delighted to remove dark spots. It might be a good solution if you have the time and resources to try them! Laser, liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy, peeling... All these solutions work. But are you sure it is the best remedy for you?

The solution against dark spots: prevention!

Last but not least, the easiest solution against dark spots. You have many treatments at your disposal that work together to reduce the risk of dark spots. Also, they can be completely prevented with an appropriate skin ritual.

Step 1: Clean your skin morning and evening with a gentle cleanser. Clean and healthy skin is less prone to damage!

Step 2: Moisturize. As mentioned earlier, hydration plays a key role in protecting your skin. You must apply a moisturizer, morning and evening if you want beautiful skin as long as possible!

Step 3: Use an anti-dark spot treatment. For this purpose, Jowaé has created the Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting with White Tea.

Why White Tea? 

For its protective properties and its corrective activity on pigment defects

explains Professor Ki Hyun Kim. White Tea is highly concentrated in polyphenols, which are excellent antioxidants, and fight wonderfully well against free radicals in the body, responsible for cell ageing... In addition, White Tea inhibits melanin synthesis to prevent the formation of pigment spots!

And why Concentrate? Because it contains twice as many antioxidant Lumiphenols, which reactivate skin repair and protection to rebalance skin harmony!
It also contains a cocktail of vitamins E and B3, to activate the youthfulness of the skin.

We apply it morning and evening, in the 3rd step of the Jowaé treatment ritual, just before applying your corrective treatment! 

For everyone worried about dark spots... We offer you 20% OFF on the Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting with the code: DARKSPOTS20

Enjoy!  And don't hesitate to share your opinion on this treatment (▰˘◡˘▰)