How to start your K-beauty skincare ritual

We know you're looking forward to starting your skin ritual. But be sure to follow these 5 steps for a PERFECT routine!

4 Jowaé products presented by hands in a pool

Rebalance your skin and do it in a simple way: it is from these 2 intentions that the Jowaé brand was born. That's how it offers you 4 steps: it may seem easy, and it is! Except that before starting your ritual, there are a few rules to follow to make sure everything goes perfectly well. Follow the guide.

Step 1: Get to know your skin type

First and foremost, it's important to know that each skin type has its own needs. Making a product choice according to smell or texture is ok, but never underestimate what your skin needs and tolerates.

  • Dry skin, itchy, tight, requires intensive daily nourishment and moisture. 
  • Normal skin needs to maintain its balance and requires daily hydration and protection.
  • Combination skin, which is just like normal skin on the cheeks and shiny on the famous T-zone (chin, nose, forehead). Usually, it needs to be purified and properly moisturized.
  • Oily skin, which produces too much sebum. It needs to be purified and cleansed every day, but also needs to be hydrated - since hydration has nothing to do with the overproduction of sebum!

Step 2: Determine your skin condition

It is also important to differentiate between skin types and skin conditions. These last are often temporary, but still, need to be addressed properly. 

Reactive skin

Your skin becomes reactive and develops redness. You have a feeling of discomfort following the application of certain skincare products. You must choose gentle products that respect your skin


Mainly due to temperature or states of mind. When it is too hot or too cold, the skin easily turns red. There are several types of redness: sudden redness, diffuse redness, those with visible blood vessels, or rosacea... The main goal here is to protect your skin from external agents that may result in redness flushes.


From adolescence, acne pimples, black spots start appearing, sometimes suddenly, to go away, shortly after. Sometimes, as you grow older, these imperfections hardly appear, since the hormonal system stabilizes. Although, certain factors can stimulate their appearance: stress, poor diet, a change in hormones, pregnancy... The solution to helping you limit sebum production and the proliferation of bacteria responsible for pimples and black spots is to gently purify and mattify.

Mature skin

Aging, the skin loses its tone, suppleness and begins to show fine lines, and finally, wrinkles. That's why it is important to prevent the appearance of fine lines starting in your 20s with a moisturizing anti-wrinkle routine.

Step 3: Identify your skin needs

Intimately linked to the type and condition of the skin, the needs respond to the problems you face. You have to somehow understand how to combine the needs of your skin type, and those of your skin condition. The good news is that Jowaé skin care products most often meet these 2 needs!   

Step 4: Recognize the ingredients made for me

These needs and skin types are matched by different natural ingredients, drawn from the Asian pharmacopeia. Do you want to soothe your skin? Take the Imperial Peony reflex. Need hydration? Think "Sakura Flower Water"! Matifying and purifying are essential? Your answer... "SACRED LOTUS"!
You will see, you will very quickly take this natural reflex (joke aside).

Step 5: Elaborate the 4-step ritual

Now that you know how to identify your skin's needs, it's time to move on to action: choosing the right skincare! To do so, you must absolutely respect the 4-step ritual to be able to offer your skin the possibility of restoring its natural harmony.

1. Cleansing

A fundamental step for your skin, because it eliminates make-up, but also impurities and excess of sebum! Also, cleansed skin and pores are ready to receive care... Otherwise, the rest of the ritual is not very useful!

Choose the type of cleanser according to your skin type: 

2. Prepare

The skin needs this step to moisturize and tone. It completes the cleansing of the skin and begins its hydration! The product for this: Jowaé Hydrating Water Mist with Sakura Flower Water.

3. Activate

Regardless of skin type and condition, any skin can suffer from dark spots. To do this, apply Jowaé Youth Concentrate with White Tea morning and evening. It protects the skin from daily aggressions.

4. Correct

This is where you can best meet your skin needs! 

Anti-wrinkle: Rich and Light Anti-wrinkle Creams, as well as Anti-wrinkle Eye Serum, with Red Ginseng.
Mattifier: The Balancing Matifying Fluid with Sacred Lotus, which regulates sebum production.
Moisturize: nothing could be easier thanks to the Sakura Flowers Water Moisturizing Light Cream!

Healthy glow: tinted BB creams will be your allies. Depending on your skin colour, choose Light Cream or Golden Cream (darker)!

You can see that to begin your ritual properly, you must have a skin diagnosis. Then the rest comes naturally!  Don't forget: discover your treatment ritual here, and get a discount on all 4 products!