Moisturize the skin naturally

Are you looking for a natural skincare product that can moisturize your skin on a daily basis? Here is the solution.

Sakura is the name of this splendid cherry tree, typical of Asian landscapes. While its flower is divine for its smell and beauty, it is also divine for its moisturizing properties! Here's everything you need to know about this ingredient.

Why moisturize my skin?

This is one of the most common questions we ask ourselves: unless I have dry skin, I don't necessarily feel the need to bring my skin its daily dose of water. And yet... moisturizing your skin is essential to strengthening the skin's barrier function. By doing this, you protect it from daily aggressions, including pollution and stress. Also, moisturizing it every day increases its natural defences and therefore reduces cellular damage (Goodbye premature wrinkles!).

On the other hand, dehydrated skin feels tight. It lacks radiance, comfort... dehydration wrinkles can appear. Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin. Here is the reason why: dry skin is continuous when dehydration is reversible and temporary!

A vital need for water in my skin!

Your skin is made of 70% by water. First found in the dermis (the 2nd layer of the skin), it then moves into the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin!). Then, the epidermis creates the hydrolipidic film, made up of water and fat, to protect the skin daily.

Sakura Flower Water

By their unique annual flowering, cherry blossoms embody femininity and ephemeral beauty and have been selected for their thirst-quenching properties.
Professor Ki Hyun Kim.

Sakura flower water is a hydrosol of cherry blossoms obtained by steam distillation. Under the action of heat, plant cells burst and release volatile molecules that are carried away by the water vapour formed. They are then condensed by cooling. In other words, we take the best of this flower and distil it directly into our skincare products!

For the record, the flowering of the Sakura is such an exceptional event that it has been celebrated for thousands of years, especially in Japan. This custom, called Hanami, marks the beginning of Spring. Family and friends gather in the blooming parks to admire this gift of nature!

The skin ritual with Sakura Flower Water

The basic rule for a well-hydrated skin: perform the skin ritual morning and evening, respecting each of the steps! 

Step 1: Cleanse the skin
First, all impurities are removed. Without this step, your skin cannot receive the treatment and hydration that it is then given!
It's like trying to fill a glass already full... impossible.
So: remove make-up from the eyes and lips, then cleanse the entire face (gently) with the care you prefer: Gel, Micellar Water or Cleansing Milk!
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Step 2: prepare the skin
To complete the skin preparation phase, there is nothing better than a facial mist. It moisturizes the skin, refreshes it and protects it from daily external aggressions. Also, a skin receives better creams and care when it is moistened: the Moisturizing Care Water fulfils this role perfectly.
What is in its 94% natural ingredients? Sakura Flower Water and vegetable glycerin for maximum hydration! This treatment is inspired by the Korean lotions used after cleansing. 

Good to know: Moisturizing Care Water can be applied at any time of the day to refresh, moisturize and protect your skin!

Step 3: activate the skin
Activate what? The youth and beauty of your skin! We boost the anti-dark spots action, protection and repair of your skin daily, to defy all the harmful effects of the daily aggressions that the skin suffers.

How? Thanks to the antioxidant Lumiphenols, white tea and vitamins B3 and E contained in the Youth Concentrate Correction Correcting.
It is applied before its moisturizing cream since it maximizes its effectiveness!

Step 4: moisturize the skin
That' s right! You may have thought it was the first thing to do, but in reality, hydration should be done at the very last minute, since it protects the skin all day long.

Besides, it is the richest texture of your entire ritual: you must apply it at the very end to allow the care you put in before working well!
To hydrate your skin, trust Sakura Flower Water Moisturizers: you can choose light or golden tinted creams for a healthy glow effect, or Light Moisturizer, which offers a melting gel-cream texture on the skin!

Complementary step: maximizing hydration
There is nothing better than a Replumping Water Mask with Sakura Flower Water to offer your skin, once or twice a week, a real hydration boost.
With its 96% natural ingredients, Sakura Flower Water contains 2 other ingredients so that together they hydrate your skin to perfection: the sweet almond complex and emollient linseed!

How does it work? Apply the mask in a thick layer, leave it on for 10 minutes and massage in the excess - or remove it with a cotton pad.

Essential and vital step: DRINK lots of water!
Hydration is done from the outside of course... but especially from the inside! One more reason to justify the 1.5 L of water to drink per day.