Quarantine: How to spend a week full of harmony

We can seize this opportunity to find ourselves and find our harmony again.

It's official, we are all highly urged to stay home to limit the spread of the COVID-19. Some people are delighted: they love to stay at home and are finally with their pets. Others are afraid of going crazy, and that's completely understandable! For both of them, you have to find activities that don't involve NETFLIX or FOOD. For example, finding your HARMONY! Follow the guide, day by day, of all these little things to do to find yourself.

DAY 1: Drink a cup of tea

Each morning you do it automatically, but drinking tea can be a moment of pure relaxation: you gently heat the water, admire the tea brewing slowly, wait a few minutes for the temperature to drop (except for those who love to drink hot drinks - still a mystery to me), and then you savor the tea...
For those to whom theine doesn't do well, opt for an herbal tea, such as camomile or verbena for example!

DAY 2: Meditate for 10 minutes

Every year, this resolution comes back on your list, and every year, you don't achieve it? Now you have the opportunity to make this wish come true!
To meditate, nothing could be simpler: download the right application, such as Calm, go to a quiet place, away from children and all distractions, and let yourself be guided by meditation.
Once the session is over, you'll feel like a new person!

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DAY 3: Apply a face mask!

Whether it's the Purifying Clay Mask, the Clarifying White Tea Mask or the Plumping Mask with Sakura Flower Water, your skin needs the masks to take care of it deep down! So give it what it deserves.
You can also mix and match the masks. The dream combo: the Purifying Mask for the T-Zone, and the Clarifying Mask for the other areas of the face!

DAY 4: Eat healthily

The biggest trap in being stuck at home is that boredom pushes us to eat things that are not very healthy for your health... Even if it's perfectly normal, remember at times like this how good and refreshing a fruit salad is!
Take all the fruit you like, cut it up and put it together! All this, with a little bit of maple syrup (just because the sugar shacks are closed doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of their syrup!).

DAY 5: Go for a walk

Walking outdoors is not forbidden (at least at the time this article is written). So go outside and get some fresh air, let off steam!
By the way, this recommendation is to be done daily: 1 walk a day is perfect for your physical AND mental health.
Don't forget to respect social distancing: 1 meter from each other. Of course, don't go out if you feel one of the symptoms of COVID-19... Cough, fever, breathing difficulties: ask for help!

DAY 6: Moisturize your skin

The other risk when staying at home if to forget about yourself and your skin. You can think... What's the point of moisturizing it if you don't go out anymore?
That's not true at all: skin needs to be moisturized just as much as it needs love (and so do you)!
You can use Jowaé's Sakura Flower Water hydrating range for instance: from the hydrating mist to the hydrating mask and the BB tinted creams, you'll find the ideal care to hydrate your skin... Your complexion will thank you during the quarantine!

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DAY 7: Take a little nap

The nap is not intended only for children or the elderly. On the contrary, it is beneficial for everyone! Sleeping in the middle of the day reduces stress and maximizes performance, such as creativity or memory... 

So it's up to you! Put on the most comfortable pajamas, throw yourself under the blanket and don't forget to set an alarm clock.
The ideal length of a nap: 30 minutes. The time necessary to have an easy wake-up call, while being rested!

There you go, already a week has gone by! You've taken the opportunity to find yourselves, do what you've always wanted to do, and your house is cleaner than ever, isn't it? The icing on the cake, you have found the harmony you need for your life! 

See you soon for week number 2.