Skin cleansing: 10 mistakes to avoid at all costs

hand grabbing the Purifying Cleansing Gel from Jowaé

Impurities, blurred complexion; dilated pores, lack of radiance... obviously, these are signs that your cleansing routine may not be done properly. Something's clearly damaging your skin's balance! Spotlight on all the mistakes we make and the solutions to adopt for a 100% ideal routine!

Mistake # 1: Forget to wash your hands

Hands are the favourite nest of all the bacteria you encounter every day. On public transportation, at the office, on your phone. Like it or not, your hands are always in contact with a lot of bacteria. They aren’t all harmful, but some may cause inflammation and infection on your skin. 

If you want to avoid their proliferation on your face (◕__◕✿) you must first remove them from the tools that you will use to clean your face! (Hence your hands!) Choose your most gentle soap, wash your hands for 2 minutes, focusing on your nails, between your fingers, and up to your wrists... Remember all these medical tv shows, when doctors prepare to perform surgery. You DO the same thing!

Mistake # 2: Cleanse your skin with hot water in the shower

We know that hot showers are among the greatest pleasures of everyday life... but do you know the harmful effects of heat on your skin, especially on your face?

Excessively hot water can dry out the skin and damage the hydrolipidic film that protects your face from external agents. Heat can remove oils that are naturally present and produced by the skin, causing long-term skin dryness. 

Besides, hot water is very bad for blood circulation. And you know that you have to pamper blood circulation for beautiful skin! 

The ideal temperature for the skin: lukewarm water! There are several reasons for this. First of all, it's more comfortable than cold water. Then, a minimum of heat opens the pores and cleans them better! Good to know: water is not enough to cleanse the face. It can give you a clean feeling but does not remove make-up, impurities or excess sebum at all!

Mistake # 3: Use the same cleanser for face and body

NO NO NO! (≖ ︿ ≖ ✿)ꐦꐦ 

Another shortcut that some people take...  It's a disaster for the skin! Facial skin is fragile, more sensitive and much thinner than your body's: the surface of our body is 3 to 4 centimetres thick, compared to a few millimetres for facial skin!

Also, there are many skin types. It is necessary to choose care that meets the needs of each skin type. A facial cleanser does more than just cleansing. It often has other virtues! It can purify oily skin, soothe sensitive skin or moisturize dry skin. Besides, it removes make-up from both your eyes and face.

Mistake # 4: Simply remove makeup

When cleansing your skin, the goal is not merely to remove makeup from your skin, lips and eyes. You must also remove impurities, i.e. pollution, dust and food lying on your skin... and don't forget excess sebum! That's why we clean our faces in the morning, even though we don't wear makeup. |◔◡◉|

Clean your face with a cleanser of your choice, which corresponds to your skin type! Cheeks, eyes, lips, neck... No one's left out. (〃‿〃✿)

Mistake # 5: Rub it too hard

If your cleanser is effective, there is no need to work hard to cleanse your skin. With a good cleansing product, impurities, sebum and make-up are easily removed. By going too hard, we damage the hydrolipidic film, vital to protecting our skin. It can cause skin imbalance and so problems such as redness, imperfections or irritation.

Mistake # 6: Choose a cleanser that doesn’t match your skin type

Many brands do not focus on skin types, but only on the needs, you want to meet. If you choose a purifying product, but your skin is dry, you will find yourself with a clean but very dry skin afterwards.

When you're looking for a cleanser, check out the skin type it was designed for, or you can take a guess by looking at their texture: cleansing milk will be more suitable for normal to dry skin, a cleansing gel will be ideal for combination to oily skin.

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Mistake # 7: Choose a harsh cleanser

In the same way, some cleansers are too aggressive for the skin. That - stripping- sensation that leaves your skin red and hurting.
Perhaps some of you have already noticed at some point in your life that imperfections appeared after using a new cleanser: it's quite possible to explain, but not acceptable! If it's too strong, the cleanser removes the hydrolipidic film necessary for the balance of your skin. Unbalanced, the skin shows its dissatisfaction with imperfections, redness and itchiness. 

To prevent this scenario, choose gentle and skin-friendly treatments as natural as possible! It is obvious that the more nature there is in a product, the more it will be in harmony with your skin.

P.S.: Run away if you see alcohol, parabens, silicone in the ingredients

Mistake # 8: to dry your skin badly

Put the rough towels in the closet. Facials deserve as much softness as possible! Choose a soft fabric that feels good to the touch and dry your skin by tapping it gently. If you dry the skin too aggressively, you remove its hydrolipidic film, necessary for balanced protection!

Mistake # 9: Scrub face every day

Some people think that dilated pores and blackheads will only disappear with excessive use of scrubs and purifying clay... that's not the solution!
By removing too much excess sebum, it returns to a galloping state. The skin needs a scrub once or twice a week, not more.

Mistake # 10: Stop at cleansing

“How do I get beautiful skin? I only cleanse it.” Said, no-one. Ever. (or maybe yes, but they're lying).

And even if it is true for some people, it doesn't mean it will be forever! For example, signs of ageing must be anticipated and prevented as early as possible.
It is FUNDAMENTAL to provide the skin, morning and evening, with skincare after cleansing. Every skin needs hydration, and to meet its specific needs!