Staying inside: pros and cons for the skin

It's been a month for most of us staying at home. All our habits have changed overnight, and our skin feels it too!

pros and cons of being home for the skin

It's been a month for most of us staying at home. All our habits have changed overnight, and our skin feels it too! Some see improvement, others feel like it's a disaster. Let's have a look to see what happens to your skin during confinement! 


1st Benefit: You take time for your skin. 

The big benefit of quarantine for our skin is that we have FINALLY TIME to take care of it. No more excuses to shorten or forget the skin ritual, morning AND evening!

No more excuses, we now have time to take care of our skin. Every morning, to properly start the day and clear our mind from anxiety and bad thoughts, give time to complete a morning skin ritual.

Even if you've been home for days now, skin cleansing with the appropriate cleanser, it's still the first step from a proper routine: Cleansing Milk for dry and normal skin, purifying gel for combination or oily skin, or Micellar Water for all skin types!

Moving on to treatments adapted to your skin: an anti-spot treatment, a moisturizing serum, an anti-wrinkle cream, or a mattifying fluid... it's up to you.

In the evening, we repeat our morning routine: we cleanse to remove the impurities accumulated on our skin. Then we moisturize and correct... It's that simple!

As a bonus, once a week, we apply the facial mask that suits your needs.
Whether it's the Purifying Clay Mask, the Clarifying White Tea Mask or the Plumping Mask with Sakura Flower Water, your skin needs the masks to take care of it deep down! So give it what it deserves.
You can also mix and match the masks. The dream combo: the Purifying Mask for the T-Zone, and the Clarifying Mask for the other areas of the face!

2nd Benefit: We don't wear makeup or little makeup

One thing's for sure, your skin is breathing! No foundation, no blush, no highlighter... It's really good for your skin! In fact, make-up seems to be the best friend of skins suffering from redness or imperfections: it camouflages them quite satisfactorily. But in reality, it suffocates pores and very often dries out the skin!

If you stop using make-up, you will notice after just a few days that your skin texture is refined, your complexion is fresher and you have fewer pimples!

3rd Benefit: Less exposure to UV light, outdoor pollution and temperature change.

Being stuck at home allows you to no longer be in contact with the daily aggressions that your skin encounters in normal situations, in particular, pollution: industrial, automotive, indoor... unfortunately, all these types of pollution make up our urban environment! The proof: many metropolitan areas regularly experience pollution levels well above the WHO recommended threshold, making pollution the greatest environmental health risk. (◕︵◕)

We know that pollution particles can be 20 times smaller than the pores of the skin. This is how the accumulation of pollution attacks and asphyxiates the skin. They generate significant oxidative stress, which disrupts skin cells, and contributes to aging.

The result: quite significant physiological disorders. The complexion is blurred and irregular, premature aging accelerates and pigment spots appear.

UV rays also have their bad effects: they contain free radicals that attack our cellular components such as lipids, proteins, and DNA. This slows down cell renewal, reduces the antioxidant content of the skin and depletes the cells of oxygen... Consequence: the vital functions of tissues and cells are affected.

For all these reasons, we understand that staying at home is really good for your skin!


1st Con: Stress generates imperfections

Since the beginning of the quarantine, stress-related problems have been on the rise: delayed menstruation, migraines and stomach aches, anxiety... Indeed, when we are stressed, the body produces hormones that cause acne flare-ups or the appearance of wrinkles.
Blood circulation is less good, so the skin receives less of the nutrients essential to its radiance!

Our advice: keep your mind busy, do relaxing activities, and live from day to day, without thinking about the days or weeks left!

2nd Con: (Bad) eating habits can damage the beauty of your skin

Cooking has always been one of the favourite hobbies of humans. But now, instead of cooking only in the evening on your way home from work, you have the freedom to cook - and eat - anytime and anything!
Too salty, too sweet... The lack of balance in our diet can be seen on your face.
Without the necessary minerals and vitamins, cells are not renewing themselves as well. The skin is duller, imperfections are visible... In short: you seriously need to eat healthy, as often as possible, sometimes allowing yourself a few treats!

3d Con: suffering from indoor pollution

We were talking earlier about outdoor pollution and its harmful effects, but it turns out that indoor pollution is also terrible....
The good news is, it's easier to make it disappear!
First of all, ventilate your house for at least 10 minutes a day. Then, put all the candles and other products with a smell in the closet: they are the most important source of indoor pollution! Also, take the opportunity to sort out your household cleaning products.

As you can see, staying at home has its pros and cons. Anyway, let's look at the positive side of quarantine: we take the time to realize our projects and wishes because we finally have time, we take time for ourselves... In short, we refocus on ourselves and our loved ones! Don't forget: it's going to be okay!