The 10 resolutions to adopt for your skin 2022

Having beautiful skin starts with the adoption of good habits!

10 new years resolutions to live life in harmony

We're having high hopes for 2022. If there is one thing we've learned, it's that everything can change from one day to the next! But we've also learned that taking care of yourself and your skin is priceless. So here are 10 resolutions, or rather 10 tips, to take care of yourself and your skin as best as possible!

1. I’ll meditate every day. Ohm to me.

The first step to wellness: a mindfulness moment in your day! The benefits of this positive habit are multiple: stress reduction, better breathing and blood circulation, better oxygenation of cells and skin...

So why not start? Find out how to do it right, read this article: The benefits of meditation for the skin.

2. I'll sleep as much as I have to... no compromises!

Eight hours. MINIMUM. Apart from being heavenly to wake up after a good night's sleep, sleeping is fundamental for the body and for mental health.
Sleep is not just a break in your day. Your body needs to recharge, to memorize everything you've learned during the day and to regenerate your cells.

Having trouble sleeping? Check the quality of the cushions and mattress, buy a light therapy lamp or Dodow for example!

3. I’ll take care of myself. Always. In any way.

My skin, my hair, my mind... I take care of myself in every way! 

Start with simple things: you decide to give yourself a facial mask twice a week. Then you add care to your skin ritual. Then you can decide to keep a diary to better understand what you're thinking and feeling... The road to wellness is long and full of beautiful surprises!

4. I’ll adopt a more peaceful way of life.

Who says stress is necessary? I've decided this year to take a step back from things. Discern what's really important from what's meaningless!
I take time at home, I trust myself and my choices.

In short, I live life more calmly!

5. I’ll be physically active. Run-on!

The place where body and mind meet! Moving is all about the positive: we make our body sweat and therefore we evacuate toxins, we boost blood circulation and oxygenation, and above all, we let off steam and relax!

Besides, the choice of activities is vast: what will you choose between going to the gym, the swimming pool or running a marathon?

6. I'll spend time (if possible) with my loved ones, and time for myself!

Enjoying the people you love and discovering new people is good. Especially after this year of being away from others.

7. I'll try new experiences.

Discovering new things is always inspiring: you want to know more about the topic, you read and you always discover a world of books, blogs, YouTube channels, hashtags... 

Whether you want to repaint your house, become minimalist, or adopt a Korean skin ritual, the list of different interests is long! It's up to you to choose what resonates most with you. What's important is to keep active the curiosity that defined us when we were kids!

8. I’ll keep a Journal of Gratitude.

What is it exactly?
A notebook in which we write down all the events, people, and situations that made our day a good one!
In the evening, just before going to bed, we remember all the good things: my colleague who complimented my work, me who finally managed to make a cheesecake... In short: you will necessarily find one or more positive things in your day!

9. I’ll eat healthier food.

Healthy eating is not simply related to weight issues. Healthy eating is above all about getting the right nutrients to ensure your perfect health.
Vitamins, antioxidants, omegas... The list of nutrients you need is long and the needs are real.

10. I'll buy according to my convictions.

Cruelty-free, vegan, natural, the list of causes we want to support through our consumption is as long as there are goods to buy! Climate change is real.
This year, you decide to really pay attention to what you consume. JOWAÉ respects nature, the way you like it. Read our Clean & Natural statement.

Read the labels carefully, find out about the identity of each brand... it's the only way to be sure of what you'll buy!

We hope that these 10 resolutions will help you spend a new year in harmony with yourself!