The 5 Myths About Skin Care That Are Wrong

Skin myths have been spreading despite the fact that they are false. We set the truth straight!

The art of skincare is passed down from generation to generation, from research to research, and from innovation to innovation. Among them, many myths - true or false - are part of our knowledge, without knowing whether these myths are true or not. Today, it is time for you to rediscover what you thought you knew! 

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Myth number 1: The skin gets used to skincare treatment, so you have to change your skincare products often!

The effectiveness of a treatment is not reduced over time. At best, it's simply that your skin gradually finds its balance and harmony and stabilizes, especially with anti-dark spot, anti-imperfection or anti-wrinkle treatments. It's proof that the treatments work and are good for your skin.
It's as if someone were telling you that by eating too much fruit and vegetables, you will no longer benefit from the positive nutrients in these foods. No way!
It's the same with skincare.

On the other hand, the skin doesn't always have the same needs. Depending on the season, the skin is more or less dry, it sometimes has redness, imperfections... 

Also, if a cream is suitable for several years, it's normal that with age your skin will have other needs. Instead of a simple moisturizing cream, you will probably need to switch to anti-wrinkle cream. Instead of a treatment to control sebum production, you may switch to an anti-redness treatment... You get the logic! 

Myth number 2: An anti-wrinkle cream on young skin accelerates skin ageing.

That idea is SO wrong. Anti-wrinkle cream is made to take care of your skin with specific ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for instance. In addition to these specific ingredients, an anti-wrinkle cream takes care of the skin by moisturizing it and working on its radiance.

As you can see, an anti-wrinkle cream has absolutely nothing harmful to the skin: quite the opposite!

What is true, however, is that the benefits of an anti-wrinkle treatment will be seen much more on skin that has a few wrinkles and fine lines... On young, taut skin, the effectiveness won’t be as visual but will be present at the heart of the skin.

In a nutshell, there’s nothing negative about using an anti-ageing treatment as early as possible. 

Myth number 3: The best way to cleanse the skin is simply warm water.

Excessively hot water can dry out the skin and damage the hydrolipidic film that protects your face from external agents. Heat can remove oils that are naturally present and produced by the skin, causing long-term skin dryness.

Besides, hot water is very bad for blood circulation. And you know that you have to pamper blood circulation for beautiful skin!

The ideal temperature for the skin: lukewarm water! There are several reasons for this. First of all, it's more comfortable than cold water. Then, a minimum of heat opens the pores and cleans them better! Good to know: water is not enough to cleanse the face. It can give you a clean feeling but does not remove make-up, impurities or excess sebum at all!

Myth number 4: Oily skin certainly doesn't need a moisturizer.

Oily skin needs to be moisturized just as much. In fact, overproduction of sebum is due to the fact that the skin feels constantly under attack.
It is therefore necessary to protect the skin and soothe it with a moisturizing cream.
Moreover, oily skin can be quite dehydrated.
Why is this? Because sebum and hydration have nothing to do with each other.
Of course, you can choose light textures or gel textures - instead of a rich cream.

But if you don't moisturize, the skin will continue to produce too much sebum endlessly, because it will always feel vulnerable.

Myth number 5: Oily skin needs to be cleansed more often

Oily skin should not be cleansed more than other skin types. In fact, all skin types should be cleansed morning and evening with gentle, alcohol-free, soap-free products.
The extra secret to oily skin is to cleanse, purify and soothe it, morning and night.

Oily skin needs to adopt specific skincare products to regulate sebum production. You need skincare products that both cleanse and remove excess sebum, especially on the T-zone (the nose and forehead), but you also need to soothe this area to regulate sebum production without drying it out.
Why soothe it? Because if the skin is too stripped, it produces even more sebum to protect itself.
The solution to meet these 3 needs: the Sacred Lotus.

In addition to cleansing the skin, you can also use a Purifying Clay Mask once a week: it will gently purify and cleanse the pores.

By reading this article, you take another step towards skin harmony. You know more and more what you need to do to take care of yourself, and you know how to choose better and better the treatments made for you!