The benefits of Red Ginseng for the skin

Red Ginseng is probably the most emblematic plant in the Asian pharmacopoeia. Discover its secrets!

scientist handling Red Ginseng

Its properties and usage are multiple, and this is normal given its efficiency! Basically, Red Ginseng is the solution to naturally tone the body and the immune system. It would be silly not to take advantage of it for the skin!

We are not brilliant when we think we are discovering the virtues of Red Ginseng! On the contrary. We have inherited all the knowledge of Asian medicine, as can be seen in the oldest treatise on medical herbs in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, written in 2700 BC: "Ginseng gives strength to the 5 organs: heart, lung, liver, kidneys and spleen. It eases the mind, relieves anxiety, cancels out evil influences, develops intelligence. A prolonged treatment (...) prolongs life. It regulates the vital energy...".

Well, for evil influences and intelligence, we are not so sure... But we suppose that this statement is due to the fact that it can reduce pain and mental fatigue!
Botanical minute: this plant grows mainly in the woods, and can be grown anywhere because it's not too fragile! Although its roots are used, Ginseng makes pretty flowers and then pretty berries in spring and summer!

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The benefits of Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng is known for its tonic effect: it stimulates the immune system, fights physical and intellectual fatigue, or helps to regain strength! All this, thanks to ginsenosides, extracted from the plant's immune system.

Red Ginseng and Aging

Beware of sensitive souls, we are going to tackle a topic that we are trying to ignore and yet... it is an issue that we are going to face right now!
A skin that ages are skin that lacks tone, volume and wrinkles on different parts of the face. We know that for sure.

What happens is that several mechanisms are disrupted: the hydrolipidic film is weaker, so the skin is less supple and drier. Cell renewal slows down, so dead cells accumulate on the skin's surface and dull the complexion. The skin loses its elasticity: it's less tight, defines the oval less well and gravity plays its role more easily...
In short, as the years go by, the skin can no longer manage the beauty and youthfulness of your skin on its own!
In addition, daily external aggressions such as pollution, stress, smoking or poor nutrition only accelerate the skin's ageing process.

So we have to give it a hand. And that's where Red Ginseng comes in. Famous for strengthening the body's natural barriers, it has exactly the same effect on the skin: it stimulates collagen production, tones and protects keratinocytes from UV aggression, has many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Altogether, these benefits energize the skin, promoting cell renewal! It's not magic, it's science (✿◠‿◠)

Skincare with Red Ginseng

Quite naturally, the Franco-Korean brand Jowaé decided to use the extraordinary properties of Red Ginseng in its anti-ageing products: Wrinkle Smoothing Light Cream, Wrinkle Smoothing Rich Cream and Wrinkle smoothing eye serum.

Red Ginseng x Hyaluronic Acid

To enhance anti-ageing effectiveness, it has combined hyaluronic acid with Red Ginseng. A single gram of hyaluronic acid can hold 6 litres of water alone! It is necessary to guarantee the proper hydration of the skin, throughout the day and over the long term!

Red Ginseng x Smoothing peptide

Red Ginseng is also associated with a smoothing peptide. The peptide has the ability to activate cell renewal, acting as messengers into the skin. He succeeds in asking the skin to produce more collagen and elastin to make the skin more elastic, firmer and to slow down the appearance of wrinkles.

Red Ginseng x Antioxidant Lumiphenols

Jowaé's signature ingredient, antioxidant Lumiphenols, was discovered in the heart of the Sempervivum Tectorum, in Latin "still alive". It is an extremely extremophile medicinal succulent plant, capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions!
Antioxidant Lumiphenols are a real shield against skin oxidation. In addition, they are able to detoxify it and activate its natural defences!

The Red Ginseng Ritual

Who for? All women who are looking for a natural and gentle smoothing treatment for preventive or corrective action. You are looking for skincare that rebalances the skin in the face of daily aggressions.

With an average of 89% of ingredients of natural origin, you will be charmed by the effectiveness and sensoriality of these treatments!

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