The benefits of White Tea for the skin

Much more than a tasty drink, White Tea is the essential beauty and youthfulness solution for your skin.

White Tea is a miracle solution for your skin, especially to preserve its radiance and youthfulness. Used in Korean skin care for thousands of years, this tea was not chosen at random by Jowaé. Its richness in antioxidants and polyphenols allows the skin to regain youthfulness and radiance, in an environment where stress, our lifestyle or pollution impact the skin's balance and dull the complexion. Discover the benefits of White Tea now!

The history of white tea

Tea was discovered in the era of the "Three Kingdoms", i.e. in the year 222. First recognized for its medicinal properties, it then became a very fashionable drink. It was a little later, at the beginning of the Song Dynasty (960-1280) that white tea was born, in Imperial China!

Why is it called white tea?

This name is explained by the colour of the Silver White leaves and buds, but also by the presence of a white down on them!
The specificity of white tea is that its harvesting time is very limited: it can be as short as 2 days sometimes. This is the reason why the production of white tea is extremely reduced.

Like black tea and green tea, white tea is made naturally: hand-picked, the fresh (unrolled) leaves of the young shoots and buds are withered and then dried. Its transformation process is very short compared to other teas...

This is why white tea is highly concentrated in polyphenols! Because it does not undergo any transformation, it is a non-oxidized tea and retains all its benefits.

"White tea is considered to be the most effective medicinal plant in the Asian pharmacopoeia. It is used for its protective properties and its corrective activity on pigment defects."(Professor Ki Hyun Kim)

Since then, it has been used for its many overall health benefits. It seems to be good for the immune system, the digestive system, the whiteness of teeth... And above all, for the beauty, youthfulness and radiance of the skin.

White tea for the skin: a powerful antioxidant

Important fact: white tea is 100% more effective than green tea because it contains three times more polyphenols - powerful antioxidants well known for increasing immune defenses and neutralizing the activity of free radicals, responsible for oxidation and therefore the aging and degradation of our cells!

Look at all the effect of white tea on the skin...
Protective effect: white tea is a fantastic ally to fight against free radicals.
As a reminder, free radicals are found in the heart of cells, they are in a way the "waste" of the cells. However, oxidative stress, caused by pollution, stress, the sun, etc... leads to the production of too many free radicals. Result: the free radicals, in superiority, attack the cells - and even the stem cells.
Without stem cells, the skin ages dramatically.

To learn more about free radicals and oxidative stress, it's this way!

Soothing effect: Another benefit of antioxidants is that they are able to minimize the appearance of skin redness on the surface of the skin.

Anti-dark spot effect: finally, white tea is used in many skin care products for its ability to inhibit melanin synthesis by regulating the action of tyrosinase.
Result: pigmentation spots are controlled and even avoided!

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White Tea skincare favourite products

For all these reasons, the Jowaé Laboratory has decided to use White Tea in 2 of its essential treatments.
First, the Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting: to be applied morning and evening, it allows your skin to get the right dose of white tea and antioxidant lumiphenols!
Why is it called Concentrate? Because it contains twice as many antioxidant lumiphenols, which reactivate skin repair and protection to rebalance skin harmony!
It also contains a cocktail of vitamins E and B3, to activate the skin's youthfulness.

Apply it morning and evening, as the 3rd step of the Jowaé skincare ritual, just before applying your corrective care!

Then there is the Clarifying Mineral Mask, also with 98% natural White Tea! The texture reminds us of a tender balm, melting on the skin...
Results: an even complexion, skin free of impurities, fresh and smooth!

Would you like to try the White Tea-based skin care products? We offer you a 20% discount on the Anti-spot Youth Concentrate and the Clarifying Mineral Mask with the code: DARKSPOTS20. Enjoy!