The best ingredients to take care of sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin and find it hard to choose the right treatment? We can help you.

You have tried many products to meet the needs of your sensitive skin, and yet you haven't found anything that works? Let the Jowaé brand rise to the challenge.

The first thing to know: sensitive skin is not a skin type (such as dry or combination skin) but rather a condition which, by definition, can be temporary. This means that you can have dry AND sensitive skin or oily AND sensitive skin. 

Now the question is, what sensitizes your skin so that it reacts as much as possible? Reactions are all different from one skin to another, but overall here's how to identify sensitive or over-reactive skin: tingling, warmth, tingling and itching, sometimes accompanied by redness. These symptoms are exacerbated compared to normal skin. They generally appear after showering, during thermal shocks (hello winter at -30 degrees), or after applying treatments not designed for sensitive skin! 

Why does the skin become sensitive? Because the skin's cutaneous barrier, which protects it from daily aggressions, becomes more fragile. Pollution, stress, skin dryness, UV rays or outside temperature are all reasons that make it fragile! 

Sakura Flower Water for hydration

Hydrating your skin is essential to reinforce the barrier function of the epidermis. By doing so, you protect it from daily aggressions, including pollution and stress. In addition, hydrating it every day helps to increase its natural defences and thus reduce cellular damage. Result: the skin is better balanced, protected and so... it’s less reactive. 

The miracle ingredient when it comes to intensely moisturizing the skin is the Sakura Flower Water. Known for thousands of years in Korean rituals for its moisturizing properties, this flower has the power to penetrate the skin and gently deliver the daily dose of moisture required by the skin.

You will find Sakura Flower Water in the Hydrating Water Mist and in the Moisturizing Light Cream

Imperial Peony to soothe

This flower is mainly used to gently cleanse and remove make-up from the skin! Indeed, the peony is known for its soothing properties, as it inhibits contact hypersensitivity. The secret of this pretty flower: the paeoniflorin molecule with its soothing power. It is also anti-bacterial and emollient. 

There is nothing better to guarantee that you will cleanse your skin effectively, soothing and moisturizing it.

You will find Imperial Peony in the Soothing Cleansing Milk and in the Micellar Cleansing Water!

Lumiphenols Antioxidants to protect

At the heart of each treatment, in combination with other ingredients, Lumiphenols Antioxidants are a Jowaé patented discovery!
Among other things, they help protect the skin, detoxify and repair it and give your skin luminosity! In short, it is a magical ingredient that works effectively for the beauty of your skin, while rebalancing the skin barrier to desensitize it. 

Camellia Oil as a nourishing source for the body

Yes, the skin of the body can ALSO be sensitive! The symptoms will be the same: redness, irritation, tingling... You need treatments designed for this part of your body. 

Camellia Oil is an essential ally for the nutrition of the body and is rich in fatty acids and omega 9. This is what gives it extraordinary nourishing properties!
Among other things, it reconstitutes and reinforces the hydrolipidic film of the cutaneous barrier. 

You will find Camellia Oil in the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream and in the Soothing Nourishing Balm.

For all sensitive skin types, you now know the perfect ingredients to care for your skin and meet its needs! Don't wait any longer to soothe it ;)