The Maskne trouble. How to get rid of it?

These days it's important, see mandatory, to wear a face mask. To do it without developing having unwanted acne: it's even better!

Maskne how to get rid of it covid 19

Like any good citizen, you bought a mask to cover your face and you wear it in all public places. Well done! You contribute effectively to everyone's safety. Only now, for the past few weeks, strangely enough, you've been seeing more and more acne/pimples developing on your skin... Coincidence? Not at all! It's called "Maskne", a contraction of the word "Mask" and "acne", of course. What is it due to? And how do you avoid it? We'll tell you right now.

Maskne’s explanations

1. Friction of the skin

The main cause of this Maskne phenomenon is quite simple: the constant mechanical friction of the mask on the skin irritates the epidermis and clogs the pores. 

In addition, the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin - made of water and sebum - is damaged by this constant friction. 

This phenomenon is not new: it is often found in sportsmen and women who wear protective gear or helmets for many hours, or on the chin of violinists, for example. 

In short, the areas covered by a mask, such as the nose, chin, cheeks and lip contour, are a breeding ground for bacteria responsible for irritation, redness or acne flare-ups.

2. Heat

In addition to having to wear a mask, the season won't help. Stand heat is not often simpl, under the mask, it's almost evil (but that's still no reason not to wear it). 

Unfortunately, the heat worsens the already irritated skin, since it sweats more than usual. Moisture remains trapped under the mask (and that's good, proof that the mask is working properly), but your skin suffocates, doesn't breathe properly and the skin barrier becomes more damaged.

3. Stress

We can't say that we're going through the most relaxed time of our lives. Between our stressful jobs, or unemployement, the inability to travel, the fear of COVID-19... we are far from being peaceful at all times. 

As you know, when we are stressed, the body produces hormones that cause acne flare-ups or the appearance of wrinkles. Blood circulation is less good, so the skin receives less of the nutrients essential to its radiance!

In short, these are all the reasons that explain the more or less sudden appearance of acne on your face. Now it's time to discover the solutions to adopt!

The skin ritual to adopt against Maskne

One word: RESPECT. Yes! Favour natural skincare, with the least amount of chemical ingredients. The reason is simple: the objective is to protect the hydrolipidic film, to reconstitute it, while soothing your skin.

Start by gently cleansing your skin morning and evening, but also as soon as you come back from a walk with your mask. By doing this, you remove any impurities that clog pores, such as pollution or sweat. Choose a gentle cleanser, such as Micellar Cleansing Water or Purifying Cleansing Gel for acne-prone skin. This will help you remove acne-causing bacteria.

Then, it is necessary to moisturize lightly your skin to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film. To do this, use a face mist such as Hydrating Water Mist (in addition to moisturizing, it smells good and refreshes divinely well!), as well as a Light Moisturizing Cream to protect your skin!

Once a week, you can purify and deep cleanse your skin. Choose the Purifying Clay Mask for example. It will fulfill its role to perfection, without drying and damaging the skin.

Let's talk about the covid-19 full ritual: don't forget to take care of your hands with the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream

Hands are often dry, but with the amount of washing and hydro-alcoholic gel they receive every day, it is important to nourish them as often as necessary to avoid dryness, tightness and premature aging.

Wash your mask

Remember to wash your mask with gentle detergents, ideally every day. The main reason is safety: it is necessary to remove any possible risk of having traces of covid-19 on the mask. 

Also, it allows you to clean the inside of the mask, on which moisture, bacteria... and lipstick accumulate!

There you go, now you know everything you need to stop suffering from the dreadful Maskne. Have a nice summer, and don't forget to always wear the mask in public places!