What is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is the concept that is at the heart of JOWAE skincare products. So much so, in fact, that the brand’s commitment is expressed through its key tagline—Clean & Natural. So, how exactly does JOWAE define Clean Beauty? Read on, and discover for yourself.

Clean Beauty has no set definition, which is why brands need to set their own individual objectives and ambitions when it comes to what they consider “clean” products.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at precisely what Clean Beauty means for JOWAE.

A conscious brand for knowledgeable consumers

First off, it’s important to recognize that Clean Beauty is a brand philosophy. It reflects the desire to create skincare products using an enlightened approach that critically examines ingredients when deciding which to use—and which to avoid—in order to create effective skincare products that respect the skin and the environment.

Natural ingredients—at the heart of the brand’s formulas
At JOWAE, we are dedicated to creating skincare products that are in true harmony with nature. Thanks to Asian pharmacopeia, our experts have discovered a multitude of plants that are capable of caring for your skin.

These plants were selected for their extraordinary properties:

  • Sakura Blossom Water is ideal for hydrating the skin deep down and provides the radiance and hydration you need every day.
  • Sacred Lotus purifies the skin, without ever drying it out. It also mattifies and deeply cleanses and is perfect for combination to oily skin.
  • Imperial Peony is the ultimate solution for removing make-up from all types of skin (even sensitive skin) gently and delicately.

Toxic ingredients are banned

This is one thing that is non-negotiable when it comes to Clean Beauty—after all, the goal is to provide skincare products that are safe.

As such, there are a variety of ingredients that are banned.

JOWAE skincare products never include:
  • Mineral oil (petroleum, petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum), which are notorious for clogging pores.
  • Parabens, which are controversial preservatives.
  • Phenoxyethanol, which is a skin irritant.

Moreover, as a French brand whose skincare products are developed and made in France, JOWAE adheres to both French and European regulations concerning ingredients that are banned from use in cosmetics. These particular regulations are among the strictest in the world, prohibiting over 1,300 ingredients compared to the only 11 ingredients that are banned in the U.S.

That’s an even greater guarantee for your skin!

Transparent about formulas

Clean Beauty doesn’t necessarily mean that all “unnatural” ingredients are banned, but definitely that all toxic ingredients are prohibited from being used.

This means that texturizing ingredients and fragrances used to create sensory appeal as well as protective agents used to ensure the formula’s stability are included in JOWAE’s skincare formulas—however, they are carefully chosen with a view to ensuring that your skin is respected.

In order to remain as transparent as possible, the percentage of natural ingredients used in each of our skincare products can be found on our Web site or on the product itself. For example, 97% of the Hydrating Water Mist’s ingredients are of natural origin, but it is also clear what the other 3% consists of—namely, texturizing ingredients and fragrances for sensory appeal and protective agents to ensure the formula’s stability.

Combining effectiveness and safety

Using skincare that is effective is great.
Using skincare that is effective and safe is even better!

Choosing skincare that is made with natural ingredients and bans those that are harmful is already a guarantee of the product’s safety.

As far as effectiveness is concerned, JOWAE sets high expectations. That’s why we prove our products’ worth through clinical testing conducted under dermatological control on volunteers who help us ensure that our products safe and perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Good to know: our skincare products boast a satisfaction rate of 92%! That’s enough to reassure anyone, regardless of their skin type! (2)

(2) Average clinical trial results for products overall
Overall % of satisfaction – general appreciation after 28 days of use.

Respect for the planet and those who live on it

Because natural ingredients are at the heart of JOWAE’s formulas, it goes without saying that we are also insistent on respecting nature itself. The natural ingredients used in JOWAE skincare products are selected with the utmost care—not only when it comes to their properties, but also when it comes to their origin.

It therefore goes without saying that when choosing suppliers for our natural ingredients, we select only those who are committed to sustainable development. And, the natural ingredients we choose are only derived using extraction processes that preserve their properties and composition.

JOWAE profoundly believes that creating change, through the introduction of ethical rules in the cosmetics world, is essential if we are to advance and evolve towards an approach that is increasingly respectful of individuals and the environment.