What is oxidative stress and how does it affect skin ageing?

The skin's number one enemy: oxidative stress. Find out how to fight it now!

Skin ageing is inevitable. But premature skin ageing can be avoided! The main cause: oxidative stress. But what exactly is it?

It all starts at the heart of cells

A simple little plan before you start: 

Body = organs = tissues = cells = molecules = atoms. 

Let’s focus on the cells. The cells of our skin are essential for a long time healthy skin. There are 3 primary skin cells types: 

  • Melanocytes, taking care of skin colouring
  • Keratinocytes, responsible for skin radiance and moisture maintenance
  • Fibroblasts that provide density and firmness (thanks to them, we don’t have wrinkles!) 

At the heart of each cell is the mitochondria: it is the cell battery. If it doesn't work, nothing's work. 

Every living organism, as well as cells, creates free radicals, in other words, the "waste" of cells. 

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that have lost electrons. To stabilize, they will "recover" the missing electron in another molecule, and this one then also becomes a free radical 

(in real life, it looks a little like a zombie movie, doesn't it?). 


The oxidative stress triggers

Oxidative stress is triggered by the well-known daily aggressions on the skin. Pollution, lifestyle, smoke, blue light, sunlight, seasonal changes... They all contribute to creating the famous oxidative stress.


Because in contact with the skin, these aggressions lead to the excessive creation of free radicals in the heart of the cells!
What happens next isn’t beautiful: free radicals kill cells. :O 

Don't panic: our body is full of resources! Stem cells, the "mothers" of all cells, give birth to new cells.
Unfortunately, stem cells have a birth quota and stop producing cells at some point...
Free radicals are so aggressive that they sometimes attack the stem cell nucleus, and therefore kill them too!

It's a real action movie happening in our cells. On one side, the Light Side of the Force: the cells. On the other hand, the dark side: free radicals. 

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Effects on the skin: premature ageing

This oxidative reaction on the cells changes the appearance of the skin. It ages because the regeneration mechanism slows down (fewer stem cells, remember). As we age, the dermis and epidermis get thinner, and the density of the fibres decreases. Unfortunately, wrinkles and fine lines appear and the skin becomes less firm.

The Lumiphenols Antioxidants solution

To fight free radicals, the Jowaé Laboratory has found a miracle ingredient that successfully protects the skin, detoxifies, repairs and provides brightness: Lumiphenols Antioxidants. Jowaé has patented this discovery. 

Lumiphenols are extracted from Sempervivum tectorum, the common Houseleek, a succulent plant, able to withstand the most extreme conditions.

This plant is so well known for its properties that it is the subject of many myths:

  • In Greco-Roman antiquity, considered a magical plant, it was placed on the roofs to protect itself from the wrath of Jupiter.
  • Another myth was that anyone who rubbed their hands with Sempervivum tectorum juice could grasp reddened iron without pain.
  • In Italy, a newborn baby was given juice from its crushed flower on the first Friday after birth to protect it from disease and ensure a long life.

The powers of Lumiphenols Antioxidants

An antioxidant shield: the high content of polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, tannins and flavonoids effectively fights oxidation.
Detoxification: Lumiphenols succeed in activating the NrF2 pathway at the heart of each cell. It is this pathway that allows the detoxification of the cell and cell growth. In a way, it blocks the impact of oxidative stress! 

Repair: Lumiphenols allow cells to regain their vitality. They can, therefore once again create the proteins and lipids necessary for skin hydration.
Remember... Hydration is essential to protect the skin from environmental aggressions (#VirtuousCircle).
Radiance: Lumiphenols reduce and regulate melanin production. Goodbye, premature pigment spots! (Provided that you apply sun protection daily, of course).

Where can you find antioxidant Lumiphenols? 

In ALL the skincare of the French-Korean brand Jowaé! It’s the brand signature. 

Lumiphenols are then combined with other natural ingredients to meet the needs of the skin while fighting oxidative stress. Imperial Peony is perfect for cleansing, Sakura Water for moisturizing, Red Ginseng for smoothing wrinkles... 

Special mention for the Youth Concentrate Complexion Correcting, which contains twice as many Lumiphenols Antioxidants. It is thanks to them and white tea that this treatment preserves the youthfulness of the skin for as long as possible!

Antioxidant nutrition

In addition to skincare, you can also choose the right foods to fight free radicals from within.
Choose foods rich in Omega 3, vitamins... in everything that will give energy to the cells and help them evacuate free radicals!

In conclusion, oxidative stress isn’t inevitable: by paying attention to your skin's lifestyle and ritual, you can avoid it altogether to guarantee the beauty of your skin - and for a long time!